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About Us

Rahat &  Rafit Real Estate Ltd. started is journey on 2008 to ease the housing facilities towards the individuals of overpopulated Dhaka city and fulfilling the highly demanding housing needs.


The rapidly growing population of Dhaka city can make their sweet home to the outskirts with all infrastructural facilities and Modhu City turned this dream in to reality.


The prime goal of the company is to provide comfortable Real Estate & Housing facilities of the citizens of Bangladesh ensuring extremely secured, aristocrat living condition. So that people can optimize their investment value at the day end.


By traveling long way, the company has secured its summit position through experiencing different activities which are worthy to be mentioned. It has religiously followed the client’s needs and utilized the lesson gathered in the previous projects. Moreover, innovation & partnership is always strengthen its implementation process.


Rahat &  Rafit Real Estate Ltd, through major investment in Real-Estate sectors, has tremendously & meaningfully contributed country’s economic-stability and employment crisis.   


Seven Latest-Facilitated-Model-Town has been mapped on the outskirt of Dhaka City considering the preference & desire of dwellers and those locations are strategically proven very lucrative for everyone. 


Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries of dream.


Customer satisfactions by maximizing innovative solutions, highly motivated & inspired employees, adaptations with the advancement of technology and last but not list, living in the harmony of peaceful environment.

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09639700400, +8801708149986

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House # 84/2, Road # 7/A, Satmosjid Road, Dhanmondi, Dhaka

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100 feet wide shahed Buddhijibi Road Modhu city, Dhaka-1312



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