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Modhu City is creating addresses.

Modhu City is a reputable and dependable real estate company in Dhaka, Bangladesh that has developed several integrated townships with residential projects. Since our inception in 2008, Modhu City has been relentless in our pursuit of excellence without compromise. With over a decade of remarkable accomplishments, Modhu City has earned its place as one of the leading real estate and land development companies in the country.

3000+ Happy Customers

5+ Completed Projects



At Modhu City, we place a great emphasis on customer satisfaction and strive to meet unique needs. We uphold ethical business practices throughout our internal divisions and teams. Our employees are disciplined and committed to the company values, which directly impacts the level of service and dedication we provide to our esteemed clients and customers.

We foster a highly qualified cross-functional team through cooperation and unity among our human resources. This promotes professionalism and experienced leadership within our organization.

We maintain the highest standards for project execution and services, including after-sale maintenance.

We efficiently utilize our resources and implement thorough planning, finance, human resources, and marketing processes to ensure timely handover, high-quality service, and exceptional construction standards.







Our claim to fame is our unwavering commitment to delivering projects on schedule and as promised. Our brand is synonymous with reliability and dedication, and we pride ourselves on thriving through customer satisfaction long after their investments are handed over. Our specialized teams cater to targeted customer groups, including the 'Classic Collection', 'Wellness Communities', 'Commercial Collection', and 'Luxury Collection'. These collections have been carefully crafted through thorough market analysis and years of experience in the sector.

As the only real estate firm with several businesses linked to the sector, we provide a comprehensive one-stop solution for all our customers. We are committed to constant evolution and have introduced new features in our homes, such as home automation, beautiful landscaping, and wellness facilities. Over nearly four decades, we have developed systems to deliver excellent homes and business spaces to customers in various segments of the market.

If you are interested in experiencing the joy of homeownership, working with us as a Joint Venture

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